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The Products Per Page app adds the ability for you and your customers to change the number of products listed per page in archives.

When your customers are shopping online they want the best experience possible. For some this means to have a small amount of products per page, while others like to have a long list of many (or all) products available on a single page. Using the Products Per Page app your customers can choose how many products they want to see per page.

The Products Per Page dropdown is easy to use, works out-of-the-box, and also has several other product page settings available to let you customise the dropdown position, number of columns, and default number of products to display per page.


Setup & Usage

Once you've activated the Products Per Page app in your website admin panel, you can find the app settings under "Settings > Store Settings > Products > Display".

  • Drop-down location - Choose the location of the "Products Per Page" dropdown displayed on product categories & archive pages. Options are Top, Bottom, Top/Bottom, and None.
  • List of dropdown options - Enter a list of the options for the products per page dropdown separated by spaces (Eg. "16 32 60 100"). Enter "-1" to display all products.
  • Default products per page - Choose the default number of products to display per page. Enter "-1" to display all products.
  • Shop columns - Choose the number of columns to display on product categories & archive pages. Default is 4.
  • First category page - When checked and a new number of products per page is selected, the visitor will be sent to the first page of the product category or archive.
  • HTTP method - Choose the method for the products per page to be updated. Options are POST and GET. GET sends the products per page via the url, POST does this in the background. In most cases it's best to use the POST method unless there are any issues.
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