Using the Sales Report Email App

The Sales Report Email app offers you a daily, weekly, or monthly report of your website sales.



Receive automated sales reports via email from your website

Know how your products are selling without having to log in to your website. The Sales Reports Emails app sends emails daily, weekly, or monthly, containing meaningful information about how your website's products are performing.

Informative emails

Know which products are performing well on your website. Clean and clear email notifications send this information directly to your inbox, without any extra action required by you.

Intuitive configuration

The Sales Report Emails app is intuitive and easy to configure. Enter your email address in the "Settings > Store Settings > Emails > Sales Reports" field, and you're good to go.

Setup & Usage

Once you've activated the Sales Report Emails app in your website admin panel, head to "Settings > Store Settings > Emails > Sales Reports" to find the settings panel.


Email reports are automatically sent based on your configuration of these settings.

  • Enable/Disable - Toggle this setting to Enable or Disable this email.
  • Recipients - Enter the email address for the recipient. To send to multiple recipients you can enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma.
  • Interval - Set the frequency for when the report emails should be sent. Options are:
    • Daily - Sends every day at the time chosen.
    • Weekly - Sends every Monday at the time chosen.
    • Monthly - Sends each month on the 1st day at the time chosen.
  • Send Email At - Choose the time for the emails to be sent.
  • Email type - Choose between HTML, Plain Text, or Multipart

Make sure you save your changes after configuring the settings.

Sales Report Emails will include data of the selected period up until 23:59 (server time) the day before the report is generated.