Using the Solve Media Captcha Integration App


Secure and monetise your website with Solve Media's Captcha solution. Solve Media's Captcha helps block spam on your website.

A CAPTCHA is a simple and popular method of securing forms from abuse. Solve Media has created a Captcha that allows you to also earn money while keeping your site secure by replacing the standard Captcha with a Captcha type-in ad, and you can use this on your website's comment forms with the Solve Media Integration app.

Every time a visitor to your website solves a Captcha type-in ad, revenue is shared with you. Type-in ad Captchas are easy to read and easy to complete. Solve Media constantly monitor for various forms of abuse, ensuring that an optimal amount of revenue and security is provided. For visually impaired users, the Solve Media Captcha also offers an audio Captcha puzzle.


Setup & Usage

Once you've activated the Solve Media Captcha Integration app in your website admin panel, you can find the settings under the "Settings > Solve Media" menu.

You'll first need to sign up for a free Solve Media account, and you'll find a direct link on the app's settings page.


To enable the Solve Media Captcha on your website, copy and paste your Solve Media API keys from your Solve Media account to the app settings page.

You can optionally hide the captcha for logged in users or admins, and there are also some options to change the style of the widget and the text strings displayed on your site.

Once you're done hit the "Save Settings" button, and your Captcha should now display on your comment forms to help combat spam while also generating an extra source of income.