Using the VigLink Integration App



VigLink automatically pays you when people buy the brands and products you write about on your website. You've put time, creativity, and money into building your own brand and cultivating loyal followers who share your viewpoints, trust your recommendations, and find inspiration in your writing. As your audience visits your website in a shopping frame of mind, you deserve to earn revenue from the purchases you drive. VigLink makes this possible.

By signing up for VigLink and activating the VigLink Integration app on your website, you can automatically monetise links to over 30,000 cooperating merchants. VigLink Convert will automatically convert ordinary links into monetised links, and works on existing links across all of your site's pages. It even works for links distributed in your site's RSS feeds.

After you've signed up and set up the VigLink Integration app on your website, sign in to to check your dashboard where you'll see reports for all the clicks leaving your site (data that Google Analytics doesn't offer), giving you insight into where your readers are going, which links are most lucrative, which pages or blog posts earn the most, and which products people are buying.

VigLink keeps a percentage of the revenue they earn from you. For VigLink Convert, they keep 25% and pay you 75%. Existing affiliate links are not touched and you benefit from the maximum compensation possible for your traffic. After all, with tens of thousands of sites like yours in their network, they can negotiate directly with the retailers to secure the very best payouts.

When clicks leave your site, you are creating value. VigLink is the easiest and most complete way to measure and capture that value.


Setup & Usage

Before you start, you'll need a free account at

Once you've signed up to VigLink and activated the VigLink Activation app in your website admin panel, head to "Settings > VigLink".


To enable VigLink on your website, head to your account page at and find your API key.


Copy your API key and paste it into your site admin VigLink settings. Save changes, and that's it - you're done!