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Using the Page Restrict App

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The Page Restrict app allows you to restrict certain pages or blog posts to logged in users.

You can restrict all, none, or certain pages/blog posts to logged in users only, allowing you to "close off" parts of your site to the public.


Setup & Usage

Once you've activated the Page Restrict app in your website admin panel, head to the settings page which you can find under the "Settings > Page Restrict" menu.


Select your restriction method. You can choose between AllNone, or Selected. If choosing "Selected" you can select the pages & blog posts you want to restrict using the following boxes.

Note: Hold down the CTRL or CMD key to select multiple items.

You can also customise the message displayed on restricted pages to logged out users, and optionally include a login form.

You can also restrict individual pages or blog posts by navigating to the item's edit screen and using the checkbox in the "Restriction" metabox.

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